College of Agriculture, Engineering
and Science (CAES)


Before registering you must make sure that:

  • you have been fully admitted (a firm offer) to the desired degree
  • have obtained financial clearance
  • and have cleared and/or removed all system holds on your student account as per the University’s rules and policies.

Online registration process


Please go to the University website and click on the site and go to the Student Central ( entry under “Discover UKZN”. Enter your student number and click on proceed. At the next screen enter your student number and enter your pin number. If you do not have a pin (i.e. you are a new student), then click request a pin and the pin will be sent to you on your cell phone via SMS.

Go back once you have your pin, enter your student number and pin and click login. Click change pin and create a new pin, click Continue, Click on Self‐Help registration, click Continue and then click on UKZN web registration.


Click on UKZN Web Registration. Once you have read through the document, click on Rules and Regulations.

Please READ and ACCEPT the document. You will not be allowed to proceed with registration if this has not been accepted.


Once accepted, click on the Address Validation link.

Check your address details and update where necessary.


Click on the Contact Details link. Check your contact details. Please ensure that your email and cell number are correct.

These will be the main form of communication between the university and you.


Click on New Registration link. If you have multiple possible qualifications available to you, you will need to select the most appropriate one.


Ensure that the qualification displayed is correct. Select your major(s) if required and your employment status. Click “Save and Continue”.


Now, select your modules, keeping in mind the rules per group of modules, and the total credits for the year. The system will generate errors if you break any rule. Select timetables blocks per module chosen, ensuring you do not select the same blocks for modules within the same semester.

When you are satisfied with your selection, click on ‘Save and Continue’, or ‘Previous’ to go back one screen, or ‘Restart Process’ to go back to the qualification screen.


If you have any credit errors, or are an Orange, Red or Purple student, you will be required to request for Approval of your selection. Green students with no registration errors will move to step 9.


Click On ‘Request Approval’. You may capture some comments that may assist the academic in granting approval. Once you click submit, and get a message indicating that the message has been forwarded, you may logout and wait for an email advising of the status of your request.

If your request was rejected, please login again, click on the ‘New Registration Link’ and change your module selection as per advice given.


(New Registration Link) ‐ Once Request approved or a Green student has successfully made subject selections with no errors, you will be directed to a screen whereby you may upload documents. A list of documents will be shown on screen. Browse, and upload a pdf file as required.

Once submitted, you may logout and await an email from the College. You will be advised if the documents submitted meet requirements or you need to resend.


You will then be presented with a screen showing the Costs of this registration. Click on ‘Accept Registration’ to finalise your registration. If you have any outstanding holds (e.g. FCR for Financial Clearance Required), you will need to contact finance to clear holds. At this point, your selection will be stored on the system, and you will be registered automatically.

If you have no holds, you will now get a message stating you are now registered. Should you wish, you may print Proof of Registration or Summary of costs, and log off.

Change of curriculum


When you click on Change of Curriculum, you will be presented with the modules you are currently registered for. Please select any modules you want to remove, and “Save and Continue”.


Next, you will be presented with a list of possible modules you can add on. Please note the rules from Step 6 above apply, including Academic Approvals where necessary.


Once saved, without any errors and after any further approvals, you will be presented with a summary of your changes, and then a summary of the costs for this change. You will need to click on Accept Registration to confirm the changes made.